Alliance Reverse Mortgage makes it easy for you to compare your mortgage options. Click on the options below to see a loan, along with their key features and benefits. Not sure which loan is right for you? Talk to one of our Alliance Reverse Mortgage Specialist experts –they’ll help you figure it out and explain all your choices!

Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM)

The HECM is the most popular type of Reverse Mortgage. It allows you to access a portion of your equity based on your age and your home’s value (up to $970,800). This federally-insured loan backed by HUD and FHA.

HECM For Purchase

A HECM for Purchase allows you to finance the purchase of a home using a Reverse Mortgage. There are no monthly mortgage payments. This option gives you a chance to find a home that meets your needs or move closer to family. Please contact an Alliance Reverse Mortgage Specialist for more information on the HECM for Purchase loan program. This federally-insured loan is backed by HUD and FHA.

HECM Refinance

If you already have a HECM, the loan can be refinanced to take advantage of a lower interest rate, add a spouse to the loan, or access more cash if your home’s value has increased. This federally-insured loan backed by HUD and FHA.

Proprietary Reverse Mortgage (Jumbo Loan)

This type of Reverse Mortgage loan allows you to borrow based on your home’s value beyond the $822,375 federal limit with either a fixed or adjustable rate loan. Jumbo loans are usually backed by the lending companies that created the loan. The loan is not federally-insured or backed by HUD and FHA.